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Systematically Proactive®

Our Retailer Solutions Platform is designed to help retailers maximize the value of leasehold and owned (both occupied and vacated) locations across the United States. Our ultimate objective is to maximize cash flow from the retailer’s real estate portfolio while saving time, allowing your key personnel to focus on the core business, and eliminating unnecessary overhead, while adding infrastructure.

Critical to our success is that StreamCo is non-transactional and therefore not influenced by acquisition, leasing or disposition fees. We are uniquely suited to customize our scope of services to fit retailers across the United States, serving retailers with tens or hundreds of locations.

A sampling of our services in this area is as follows:

  • Coordination of Leasing / Subleasing of Vacant Stores
  • Negotiate Rent Reductions with Landlords
  • Negotiate Early Termination Agreements with Landlords
  • Lease Administration Services – Audit & Challenge CAM Reconciliations
  • Negotiate Workout with Delinquent Tenants / Subtenants
  • Market Analysis
  • Long and Short-Term Forecasting
  • Strategic Planning
  • Negotiate Lease Renewals with Landlords
  • Consulting on Real Estate Issues

Please contact Ken Strickler, Managing Director / Partner at (804) 433-1809 or to discuss how we can add cash flow to your bottom line by actively managing your real estate portfolio.