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In addition to core services, StreamCo offers a variety of à la carte consulting services which are extremely valuable for any real estate owner. A partial list can be found below. Please contact us directly to discuss your particular need.

Due Diligence
Due Diligence is arguably the most important component in a real estate transaction. Our service includes but not limited to, coordination of vendor inspections, physical inspection, market analysis, full lease abstraction, coordination of environmental studies, etc.

Operating Expense Reviews
We help you understand what the market norms really are and illustrate what you can do to bring your numbers in line. Includes review of all service contracts, review of market norms for each expense, and recommendations for more efficient property operation.

Pro Forma Forecasting
This is critical in planning for reserves that may be needed for future leasing, re-financing, planning a sale, or capital improvement needs. This service includes full lease abstraction, review of service contracts, budget review, market analysis, property inspection, and loan abstraction.

Performance Analysis
Performance Analysis provides real estate owners a benchmark to gauge how their property is performing. Performance Analysis is a consistent means to track actual property performance to Pro forma Projections. StreamCo will send periodic reports at time intervals agreed upon by the Owner.

Annual Property Budgeting
An accurate annual budget is a pillar of a successful management and marketing plan. A one-year period is very definable and hence should be accurate. Lease review, loan review, service contract review, interview of property manager, forecast of leasing assumptions are all part of annual budgeting.

Disposition Coordination
While we are not a brokerage firm, StreamCo offers turn-key coordination of the selling process. This includes, but is not limited to, interviewing and hiring of the sales agent, setting the listing price, analyzing the offers, coordinating the paperwork and necessary investor approvals.

Refinance Coordination
In today’s environment, the financing waters are very difficult to navigate. StreamCo offers turn-key coordination of the process, including but not limited to, the appraisal, selection of mortgage broker (if applicable), coordination of the paperwork and necessary owner approvals.

Lender Compliance
Often widely overlooked, lender compliance is a critical component in any leveraged real estate investment. Failure to comply with covenants contained in the loan documents is a default item. StreamCo offers turn-key lender compliance so you can know you are in full compliance with the loan documents you signed and you are receiving the escrow reimbursements due to you.

Service Provider Review (mainly PM and Leasing)
Property Management and Leasing firms are not created equal. Some firms are better suited for certain properties than others. StreamCo offers a review of your current provider(s) as well as a review of other firms in the market to ensure that you have the right firm on the job.

Formulate Marketing Plan
An aggressive and creative marketing and leasing plan is a requirement for success. We work collaboratively with your leasing agent to design a comprehensive marketing program to make sure your property is hitting all corners of the market.

Formulate Property Management Plan
Many owners do not realize the importance of solid property management and the need for an annual plan. These plans discuss initiatives for facilities managements, capital needs, tenant relations, renewals, expense controls, tax appeals, etc. We prepare this on your behalf and deliver in bound form.

Market & Competition Analysis
In order to be a successful property owner you must understand what is happening around you. This service offers analysis of vacancy rates, absorption, demographics, traffic, new construction, etc. It also offers a competitive set of reports so you can understand the strengths, weaknesses, and offerings of the buildings your property competes against.

Inspection Services
Simple as the name implies, we offer inspection services at the frequency specified by the owner. Very popular amongst out-of-town owners, we review the condition of facilities and tenancy as an unbiased third party. Upon completion, we issue a report back to the owner.

Receivership Services
The StreamCo team has years of experience in the handling of distressed situations including non-performing loans, under-performing loans and the management, leasing, liquidation and/or redevelopment of real estate owned (REO). StreamCo has been involved in numerous types of monetary and non-monetary loan defaults, workouts, mortgagees-in-possession, turnaround transactions and foreclosures since 1996. StreamCo has been brought in on many occasions to manage, lease, reposition and market the property for sale after the property has become REO.
Our fully integrated receivership services provide comprehensive interim management solutions for owners, lenders and courts including:

  • Receivership and Bankruptcy Services
  • Loan Workout Strategies for Debtors and Creditors
  • Underwriting and Physical Inspections
  • Broker Opinion of Values (BOV's)
  • Exclusive Disposition Agent of REO and Mortgages

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